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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 31, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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in new york city the ball dropped two hours ago with a million people looking on live. the celebration culminated at times square with more than a ton of confetti and
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pyrotechnics. now the clean-up crews have arrived. catch all the excitement during dick clark's new york rockin' eve hosted by ryan seacrest. teen-age sisters and a baby were struck by a truck. the teens got into an argument and one of the girls got out of the vehicle with the baby carrier and rushed into the street. her sister followed. a truck passing by struck all three. they've been taken to the hospital, one in critical condition. the baby was thrown and is in serious condition tonight. police say the driver of the truck that hit them was not drinking. the intersection will be closed for the next several hours as a result. >> and it's ban deadly new year's eve in san francisco. two died, including a little girl after being hit by cars. a hit-and-run driver struck a
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person. and just a few hours ago a little girl died after being struck at ellis and polk street. alan long is at the crime scene. >> reporter: a honda suv struck a woman and her children while they were in that crosswalk around 8:00 tonight. the mother and her two kids had the right of way when a honda took a right turn into the crosswalk and struck them. a 7-year-old girl died from her injuries. her mother is at the hospital in stable condition and police say her 4-year-old son, who was in the stroller, appears to be okay. police arrested the male driver and they say alcohol was not a factor on this new year's eve tragedy. as we mentioned, this is the second pedestrian fatal in san francisco today. around 3:30 an elderly man was run over at the corner of rolf
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and naples, had multiple injuries and died at the hospital. and an elderly woman was hit at turk and levenworth. the woman had compound fractures but she is expected to survive. it has been a tragic evening for pedestrians tonight. ironically none of these accidents took place during the new year's eve celebration expected later tonight. >> and one person died after a man's car slid off the road and into the bay. he is in the hospital. but the person who was driving was trapped in his seat belt. first responders cut him free but were unable to save his life. officers have not said if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the
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accident. >> police are cracking down on drunk drivers this new year's eve. several bay area counties are sponsoring avoid campaigns. the highway patrol is in the middle of a statewide maximum period. police urge anyone who thinks they've had too much to drink to just call a cab or ask a sober friend to drive them home. a first offense alone can get you jail time as well as a fine of up to nearly $3,000 and a license suspension for possibly up to a month. adding up the fines, lawyers and court fees, experts say a driver arrested for dui will pay about $10,000. >> the first day of 2014 is going to be yet another spare the air day. let's get another quick check on the forecast by spencer christian. >> as you pointed out, another spare the air day tomorrow.
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new year's eve, soon to be new year's day. poor air quality. the days are looking great but air quality continues to be poor. at midnight tonight we'll have clear skies, temperatures mainly in the low to mid 40s and there will be good viewing for the fireworks display. i'll have the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. in one week the family of a girl declared brain dead will make a case at a federal hearing she should be kept on a ventilator. jahi mcmath has been on a ventilator since surgery to remove her tonsils and help her sleep apnea. family members say they've seen signs of life and want her moved to a new hospital. >> the reality is the reality and there is no pleasant way to
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say anything other than say this young woman is dead. >> pretty much we want children's hospital to either help us or get out of our way. >> the family says a facility in new york will take her but it's unclear if that facility is equipped to handle her needs. the two sides will present their evidence to a judge january 7th. >> former first lady barbara bush is in the hospital. she is in, quote, great spirits and getting, quote, fantastic care. the statement says she has been is witted by her husband and family at the hospital in houston. she's also the mother of former president george w. bush, as you well know. >> the white house is taking a look back at 2013. just ahead the touching and troubling moments this year for the president captured in photos. also -- >> i'm really sad about this closing down. it's an institution. >> for some it's an institution
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where fans root on the stanford cardinal. why it's going silent right before tomorrow's rose bowl. >> and the dramatic images caused by the high and lows
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dubai rang in the new year and then some. a record setting show. organizers lit up the shoreline with a six-minute extravaganza that included 500,000 fireworks, breaking the previous record set by kuwait, in fact shattering that record. >> london welcomed in 2014 with a twist this year. for the first time you could actually taste the fireworks
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display. the display was packed with peach flavored snow, edible banana confetti and orange scented bubbles. the idea was to appeal to all of the senses. >> the official white house photographer released images of some of the president's most memorable moments of 2013. here's mr. obama singing happy birthday to the first lady in january. some pictures show his lighter side, like this one, poking a little fun at a boy who just couldn't stay awake during a father's day event. others reflect the tough times. take a look at those face as the president discusses the problems with enrollment in the affordable care act and a very different reaction as the president meets an excited young boy. the photographer estimates he takes an average of 500 to 1,000 pictures a day. >> wow. well, the party is on in palo alto where people are celebrating more than the new year. they are pumped up about stanford's place in tomorrow's rose bowl game. it's the cardinals' second straight year to play there.
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more on the honor and the hype. >> reporter: the count council -- countdown is on and celebration is in full swing. this will be its last. aren't has gone up so rudy's is out. it won't be open tomorrow for one of the biggest events of the season, the rose bowl. >> i wish i could be open tomorrow. i wish i can't have to go. i wish i could stay forever. >> reporter: other bar managers in palo alto are pulling double duty, celebrating tonight while prepping for tomorrow. stanford is in the rose bowl for a second year in a row. that means big crowds at old pro sports bar. >> a lot of the stanford alum do travel down to pasadena, but that stadium only holds so many people. so once all those tickets are sold out, the rest come here. >> reporter: next to the cases of champagne for tonight are dozens of kegs of beer for tomorrow. the kitchen is already slammed as staffers get ready for the
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the game. >> six days worth of chicken wings for tomorrow. >> the timing, the work and the planning all means a profitable start to the new year. >> now, the rose bowl game is on our sister network espn with kickoff scheduled shortly after 2:00 p.m. >> and in just a few hours, floats like this one will be gliding along the streets of pasadena for the 125th tournament of roses parade. volunteers applied millions of cut flowers to the floats. extra care will be taken because of the boston mayor than bombing. >> tomorrow morning rare tides along the pacific coast will reach their deepest levels. the king's tide will happen.
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at ocean beach the king tide reached almost seven feet today, a foot more than usual. it caused flooding in mill valley. >> let's get a check on our new year forecast. >> that's right. >> spencer christian is in tonight. >> as we look along the bay bridge, 50 degrees in san francisco. that's the mildest reading right now. temperatures in the 40s, san jose, 39 of a half moon bay. more temperature readings for you, 30s in santa rosa, fairfield low 40s at concord and livermore. and midnight, it will be pretty chilly around the bay area. spare the air tomorrow, no wood burning. mild for the first week or more of 2004. big ridge of high pressure,
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outstanding that will dominate our weather picture for at least a week ahead. this dry pattern will be with us for a while. there are no rain producing systems coming in our direction. our animation shows clouds flowing away from the coast. it will be clear and dry and mild. it will get chilly in the wee hours of the morning. look for low 30s at santa rosa and napa, mid to upper 30s at the inland valley and right around 40 near the bay and on the coast. tomorrow new year's day bright, sunny, mild with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. that's pretty bad weather another -- you'll have mild temperatures in the mid to upper
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60s and a slight dropoff in temperatures by next tuesday. a few clouds in the sky, no rain in the forecast at all. >> spendinger, thank you. >> well, mike shumann is to have a serious drop
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ed lg mego ken e 's
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. 49ers and the packers and then green bay sunday, first round of the playoffs. it going to be 11 degrees according to spencer at kickoff. aaron rodgers returned from a fractured collar bone to beat the bears with this fourth and eight touchdown pass. today 49ers defense had rogers on their mind. >> i just think it's playoff time, you know. it win it's win or go home. everybody is playing that way. >> in tomorrow's rose bowl, the cardinals have their hands full. i think stanford has an advantage since they are defending chumps but michigan
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state will be a challenge. >> they don't try to get out of their game plan. they're very solid and stout and present challenges for offenses. >> larry beil will have live postgame reaction at 6:00. >> aggies trailed duke by 21 at halftime. johnny says let's go and it worked. manziel airs it out, 44 yards to darrel walker. anthony boone played well the entire game but picked off here by tony hertz, jr. texas a&m with an amazing come-from-behind victory, 52-48. warriors seven games in 11 days. in orlando for a matinee. steph curry was struggling so he
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took over. >> big game off the bench, getting some serious air. second straight win on the road for the warriors. >> sharks and ducks, anaheim 14-0-2 at the pond. 2-1. patrick marleau. he tie it is at 2. the ducks respond two and a half minutes later. power play. mennine open gets his stick on the puck. ducks it. >> this is abc 7 sports. should be made official tomorrow. i'm looking for a heavy jacket if any of you have one -- >> some gloves -- >> a hat. i'll be back tomorrow. all right. >> up next, from heart break to happiness. >> a
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those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at here's your wake-up weather. clear and cool tomorrow morning. sun will rise at 7:25 tomorrow morning new year's day. 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. temperatures
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ranging from 32 degrees as the lowest up to about 48 degrees. have a good morning and happy new year. >> brrr. thanks, spencer. >> seeps like beaming with pride and hot headed are fairly accurate. >> scientists have finland have charted body heat given off during 14 different emotions. danger and fear will heat up your chest faster and give you more oxygen to deal with the threat. znd the next time you're feeling blue, radiating with happiness, you're doing the same thing on the inside. >> thanks for watching. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your devices. >> it's
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we are live in new york city for the party of the year. we have got an incredible show on the way to midnight and continuing on into the early hours of 2014. you can almost taste it. can't you? >> can you taste it, ryan? >> almost. get ready, because this is -- >> announcer: live from times square, it's "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve 2014 with ryan seacrest" with live performances by miley cyrus and billy joel. we'll join the new year's eve party at the fontainebleau miami beach. and from our hollywood party, performances by -- capital cities, jason derulo, fall out boy, florida georgia line


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